Episode 93 – The Fight for Turtle Island

I put together a book. It is not a book about me. It is about a dozen other people who are, in some way, the audience and content of the book. It was a real challenge putting it together as the interview subjects did not conform to the framing I eventually put on the book. […]

Episode 83 – Nationalism and bolo’bolo part III

TL;DR This is an interview with Gregor of Tribes magazine. His story (and article in Tribes) is about the move from “left anarchism” to national anarchism. The discussion is about WTF is left anarchism, National anarchism, and a kindred. This third episode on the question of nationalism wraps up the conversation with a nice bow. […]

Episode 80 – An introduction to Aragorn! II

I spent a week at the Labadie Collection this summer. I highly recommend it for any anarchist who wants to have a different, fuller relationship to anarchist texts. The librarians are great and very understanding of the anarchy people. While I was there I ran into the anarchist-known-as-Nikita who was doing a variety of great […]

Episode 77 – How to disagree I: Nathan Jun

Many of you will have heard of NAASN, the North American attempt at creating an academic anarchist event. It has has nine events around North America. I’ve attended about 4-5 of them and our guest this week is somehow involved in the event/project. Nathan Jun is not just an academic though, he is also a […]

Episode 76 – Round Table II: Aging

Rotn and I (along with Belligerence who doesn’t talk much) use the opportunity of me being in town to talk about aging, peers, and whatnot. Enjoy Email – thebrilliant@thebrilliant.org We appreciate correspondence (498)

Episode 75 – Heretics III: Cody

For anyone who has met Cody (ie if you’ve been around the west coast anarchist or communization space for the past 10 years) it is highly doubtful you’ve forgotten him. He has a huge personality and is an outspoken advocate of… that is what we discuss during this episode. If a heretic is someone whose […]

Episode 71 – Egoism III: birds

In this third episode my goal was to talk to someone who was newer to egoist ideas. My hope was to see how these ideas layer over time, but at an earlier time slice. Daniel/birds was gracious enough to sit through this conversation but I suspect they were agitated at the idea that they were […]

Episode 69 – Egoism I: Wolfi Landstreicher

This is the first part in a series (part of the over-arching theme of The Brilliant in 2018) on egoism. While not an egoist myself I consider myself a fellow traveler and consider egoism to a core theoretical concept in anarchist thinking for better and worse. Post-left anarchism is a modern, North American, veneer on […]

Episode 67 – Dominique and Indigenous Anarchy

Dominique is a close friend. If we didn’t live in the big city we’d probably be closer but here we are. Two particles flying around the same center at different speeds. I’m slowing down. He is speeding up. We have been working around the conversation of Indigenous Anarchy for a number of years but perhaps […]

Episode 65 – What is anarchism in 2018

In this season three opener we review what the intention is for the 2018 season. This initial set of four conversations (of which this first is more of a presentation) cover four themes. Second Wave Anarchy, Indigenous anarchism, the (im)possibility of social change, and Earth centeredness. This is to set the stage for an anarchism […]