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Episode 65 – What is anarchism in 2018

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 65 - What is anarchism in 2018

In this season three opener we review what the intention is for the 2018 season. This initial set of four conversations (of which this first is more of a presentation) cover four themes. Second Wave Anarchy, Indigenous anarchism, the (im)possibility of social change, and Earth centeredness. This is to set the stage for an anarchism without limits, without the left, and without sounding so doom & gloom.

For further information on these themes


Second Wave Anarchy
John Moore
or LBC physical book link
Dark Mountain Manifesto
Russell Means
2017 BASTARD Chronicles –

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  1. been meaning to ask- where do your soul-stealing images come from? I never see them elsewhere…

    • thebrilliant thebrilliant

      Mostly they are silly images from r/pics but I have a huge stash of them from daily surfing and seeking for @news.

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