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Episode 101 – Season 5 with Bellamy

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 101 - Season 5 with Bellamy

Since Bellamy was here at the start of The Brilliant project it is great to check in where he is at regarding the things we are talking and thinking about. Obviously Bellamy and I have been having similar experiences in the Anarchist Space over the past few years. This episode is about some dissimilar experiences and what is next with each of us and our respective media projects.



  1. Evan Jack Evan Jack

    Rest in peace comrade. Sleep well Aragorn! Sleep well…

  2. (A) (A)

    I can’t believe I only found this Podcast by Chance now

    I am listening to the episodes from all the way back in 2016 right now, and plan on keep on listening – incredible and inspiring that you comrades are still doing it!

  3. Only found out about anarchism and your work after you passed so I never got to meet you but I fucking miss you A! Hope you’re doing okay in the otherworld.

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