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Episode Three – Principles

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Three - Principles

This week we discuss the To change everything tour and anarchist aging. The topic of the week is principles and we use the text “Instead of a meeting” by Lawrence Jarach and my essay “Locating an Indigenous Anarchism.”
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Bay area reaction to 9/11 @ 3:00
Big anarchist meeting dissolving into chaos
How to jump in front of a bullet for an audience
To Change Everything @ 7:00
How to break out entirely within the @ space
Wet buttz
Where does the midwest end?
Aging @ 20:00
Generational problems
Nostalgia at the Long Haul
North American tiqqunists
The managerie of anarchists
Aragorn! gets marxist
Principles @ 36:00
for and against
the big 3
post-left anarchism
riots work
new principles
security culture
Black Seed


To Change Everything tour
Aging and burnout
Lawrence’s Instead of a meeting
Locating an Indigenous Anarchism
A reading of LIA

burn all the bridges


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    What was the song played at 20:00?

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