Episode 37 (S02e08) – Isaac III

This episode is part two of our series of interviews with Isaac Cronin where we discuss his interesting life. This episode discusses the peak of Berkeley’s activist past and the struggles around the Vietnam war and whatnot. (437)

Episode 36 (s02e07): Forgiveness

I think the idea of talking about forgiveness is a great idea but I’m not sure how to do it. Forgiveness ultimately relies on a kind of durability of community that we (as @) just do not have. We are a scattering of seeds. We are a persuasive set of ideas. We are not a […]

S02E05 aka Episode 34: Isaac Cronin II

This episode is part two of our series of interviews with Isaac Cronin where we discuss his interesting life. This episode mostly discusses his time in Berkeley in the mid-sixties and touches on the FSM (which is expanded on in the next interview). (632)

Season Two Episode Four: Seattle & Other Gossip

Bellamy is back and I inadvertently used the wrong microphone (hence the static when I talk). This is kind of a catch up episode as August was a busy month and there was a lot to talk about. Gossip fans will love the deets on a number of silly things. Podcasts are the new zine. […]

Season Two Episode Three: DIY Culture I

This episode of The Brilliant is the start to a continuing conversation about what comes AFTER DIY culture. We’ve all been to workshops and heard insufferable boys talking about getting off of grid, out of society, and into a self-sufficient do-it-yourself culture. Is this possible? What are the success stories? How do a bunch of […]

Episode 31: Isaac Cronin I

This is the first in what is intended to be a year long series of interviews with an elder in the kind of politics that inform this podcast. Isaac Cronin is a writer, editor, and videographer (of sorts) who has published several books under the LBC imprint Cruel Hospice and who we have been friends […]

Episode 30 – Season Two kickoff

This is the first episode of Season Two of the Brilliant podcast (aka episode 30). In this new season we are going to split up the podcast into several different, but parallel projects. The first is a podcast conversation with Bellamy. This will be familiar in form and energy to Season One. The second is […]

Episode 29 – Should we just stop?

I’m sure there are haters would just like us to stop. Their passion is greater than most of the people we are trying to reach. This episode explores those tensions. It introduces a new paper project (The Blast). We also discuss criticisms of the kind of media that we do, many of which we are […]

Episode 28 – What are we for? part II

Another episode (and probably the last) that really discusses the current anti-civ conversations (and especially the ones happening online). This episode ends with a lengthy discussion on permaculture and post-permaculture and Bellamy’s future plans. Tick Tock 1:29 Introduction 2:37 Racism – ATR and now from a TOTW (week of 3/19) 15:00 Wildism – where we […]