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Episode 66 – Klee Benally & TIA

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 66 - Klee Benally & TIA

Most recently Klee has been a movie maker but is also known as a musician and media activist. I interviewed him in the first few issues of Black Seed but that really isn’t where our relationship begins.

I’d say our friendship begins exactly where most should, in humor. Klee is one of the first “radical” people I’ve ever met who has joked and criticized and laughed with me as soon as we met. I hope that current is obvious in this discussion which centers on the core of Turtle Island anarchism.

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  1. chayim chayim

    what i don’t understand is, what gives anyone, tribe, clan, nation or state the “right” to possess and control the land? how is tribal hierarchy any different then state hierarchy? all humans are essentially colonialist aren’t they? i mean we all came from someplace if were not indigenous to, and living in, what is called “afrika”. even then, who’s to say who came from where on that continent. how do we determine the ‘rightful’ owners of the land? i sympathize with indigenous struggle, i support any kind of resistance and reclamation actions, but i don’t have a romantic ideal of some indigenous utopia prior to european conquest. how can i support the private ownership of the land? none us can own it, we are all colonialists in that sense. if we want to create a new world without property and equal opportunity for everyone, private property has to go and that includes indigenous claims to land. even if it was possible to determine who the first humans on turtle island were, or are, what gives them the right to possess it and make decisions about who stays and who leaves? i find this topic very confusing and contradictory. i myself am of the “burn the whole fucking thing to the ground and start over” crowd. but i fear we would just tribe up again and repeat all this. i think humans have had their chance and our extinction is the best hope for the planet. but until that happens i try to work with what we got, but private property ‘owned’ by anyone can’t be an option. however i’m not as informed and certainly not as educated as ya’ll seem to be so maybe i’m just some dumb shlub who can’t see the bigger picture

    • Rosy Rosy

      Great point we are all colonists. Do sheep maybe think we all our colonists and should die? Or ants? Why are we special? We arent. Are some human colonists like indigenous ones better than others? Maybe. But when you talk genocide that kind of ruins it. My great grandfather was sent to America to escape the Armenian genocide and his entire family was brutally tortured and killed by muslim colonists in Constantinople. He married my native great grandmother who had family genocided during Indian removal and I married the grandson of holocaust survivors. So my son is a child of three major genocides. Kind of says something about the world. The problems of colonization are the result of moral failings a lack of a moral compass even insanity. Even something spiritual. I believe this approach could be more effective than hate and wishing people dead.

  2. Victoria Victoria

    i loved this a lot thank you for this! food for thought especially about the fundamental questions of getting many people to consider these questions

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