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Episode 70 – Egoism II: An Enemy of Society

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Episode 70 - Egoism II: An Enemy of Society

In this second part of our series on egoism I discuss illegalism as the natural answer of “What is to be done? with regard to egoism” with the editor of the LBC book Enemies of Society. We discuss the context of France around the turn of the 20th century. Bonnot and crew are discussed. Shoplifting and other modest acts of illegalism are discussed. We discuss hope and the future (ha).

This episode is both more fanciful and more practical than our first episode on egoism. Be warned.

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Enemies of Society
Disruptive Elements



  1. Bellamy Bellamy

    This is a great conversation, nice and dense with information. But the ending was so abrupt – I felt it could have gone on for another thirty minutes or so!

    • ingrate ingrate

      it was important to leave room for Rudimentary Peni. I love that the intro was Crass and the outro was RP. This is fucking poetry.

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