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Episode 62 – Technology IV

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 62 - Technology IV

The goal of this series is to discuss our critique(s) of technology and how these critiques have changed in the past few decades. Specifically we are discussing new technologies like mobile and Internet technology. Communication has changed. How we access information has changed. How has this meant that we have changed too?

Episode 59 – Gerardo (haters to the left)
Episode 60 – Paul Z Simons (wandering post-left anarchist)
Episode 61 – Ramon Elani (black seed editor)
Episode 62 – Rydra! (Free Radical Radio)
Episode 63 – Jason McQuinn (Modern Slavery editor, A:JODA creator)

Rydra is the former host, and now ringleader, of the Free Radical Radio which transitioned from a conversational podcast into a sort of anarchist reading rainbow program. Recent episodes include “A Burglar’s Guide to the City” and “The Broken Teapot”. Check it out here

Rydra is a big personality. Our conversation is easy because he has opinions and even if they are wrong opinions are easier to talk to than the cagey motherfuckers I usually have on the show. We even, recently, had a conversation that was interesting, nuanced, and careful that the guest pleaded I didn’t share after it happened. Rydra would never do that. They make big mistakes all the time. Joy.

Thank you so much for your attention and feeback.

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  1. some anarchist loser some anarchist loser

    I can’t tell if the description of this episode is a shot at Rydra or not…

    • Shitbarrel Shitbarrel

      It’s not. And if it is, Rydra probably found it more funny than insulting, or whatever.

      • rydra rydra

        It was 100 percent at a shot at me and i do find it funny. Aragorn is Aragorn!

        • mushy mushy

          Hey Rydra I would love to hear you on here more often!

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