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Episode 97 – Duane Rousselle

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 97 - Duane Rousselle

Duane and I have known each other for a number of years. (At least 12!) He was one of the first people who found the first IRC server (which in fact used SILC) and joined the merry band that started The Anarchist Library. He was doxxed by a rival group, was lost, then found, and wrote a book for LBC called After Post-Anarchism. This was nearly 10 years ago and since then Duane finished his PhD, started teaching, and then landed in my hometown.

This wide ranging conversation happened in a coffee house (terrible sound) but is an interesting snapshot in where the academy, anarchy, and mf Lacan will take you.


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  1. D Sahm D Sahm

    though i am sure this conversation will get fewer plays than many others, i feel that this episode is quite important. the attempt at conversation with those who’ve left/distanced themselves from the milieu but still feel compelled & engaged is something that should accelerate throughout the lands. i had been turned off by DR’s book but that’s whatever. can’t say i will pursue anything about ‘post-anarchism’ any further than here but i appreciate his perspectives as expressed with aragorn! even when i could care less about such designations.

    i must agree with him when he states that if it weren’t for LBC i would have ‘left’ a long time ago. projects such as this/lbc/the ardent family are certainly some of the only challenging/’soul-searching’/slow & thoughtful efforts in a milieu of dolts, shallow socialites, and bullies (and internet creatures). i would give a strong tip of the hat here to the anti-political/nihilist communists as well. foward! all you nutters! i mean, what else is there to do?

    i am someone feeling increasingly interested in psychoanalysis but not sure where to bite into first. D&G and their madness is compelling but 100% above my head, though a fast impressionistic reading could be good fun. RD laing’s book ‘knots’ made me want to read more by him/his cohorts. i suppose i should start with freud but i ask of duane here (and anyone else for that matter): what do you like about lacan? what stuck with you from him to influence your practice? where to start with reading him & his ideas. big ask, i know.

    anyway, thanks for this episode. cheers.

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