Episode 74 – Heretics II: Rotn

The second interview is the heretic series is long time anarchist heretic Rotn. Rotn and I met just before the “battle in Seattle” that really boosted his notoriety (he appeared in 60 minutes in the following weeks) and is a great start to a two decade long friendship. During about a decade of that friendship […]

Episode 73 – Heretics I: Lew

In the process of thinking about what is an anarchist position in 2018 I was struck by how many people, and perspectives, aren’t going to fit in to any definition. This probably was what interested me in post-left anarchism 20 years ago–not that the bearded men of the 19th century weren’t eclectic and open-minded, but […]

Episode 72 – Egoism IV: Bellamy

As you can imagine doing these little series of conversations is a tiny bit harder than I anticipated. I was hoping to have all of these available to you around the end of April. There is a ton of content locked up waiting for this to come out and I look forward to sharing it […]

Episode 71 – Egoism III: birds

In this third episode my goal was to talk to someone who was newer to egoist ideas. My hope was to see how these ideas layer over time, but at an earlier time slice. Daniel/birds was gracious enough to sit through this conversation but I suspect they were agitated at the idea that they were […]

Episode 70 – Egoism II: An Enemy of Society

In this second part of our series on egoism I discuss illegalism as the natural answer of “What is to be done? with regard to egoism” with the editor of the LBC book Enemies of Society. We discuss the context of France around the turn of the 20th century. Bonnot and crew are discussed. Shoplifting […]

Episode 69 – Egoism I: Wolfi Landstreicher

This is the first part in a series (part of the over-arching theme of The Brilliant in 2018) on egoism. While not an egoist myself I consider myself a fellow traveler and consider egoism to a core theoretical concept in anarchist thinking for better and worse. Post-left anarchism is a modern, North American, veneer on […]

Episode 68 – Scott Crow and Change

Scott Crow has been a good friend for nearly a decade (!!!). We agree on almost nothing except on how to disagree. As a grown adult I’ve probably had the longest conversations on record with Scott. We are both talkers. We both have a bit too much pride in our ability to convince people by […]

Episode 67 – Dominique and Indigenous Anarchy

Dominique is a close friend. If we didn’t live in the big city we’d probably be closer but here we are. Two particles flying around the same center at different speeds. I’m slowing down. He is speeding up. We have been working around the conversation of Indigenous Anarchy for a number of years but perhaps […]

Episode 66 – Klee Benally & TIA

Most recently Klee has been a movie maker but is also known as a musician and media activist. I interviewed him in the first few issues of Black Seed but that really isn’t where our relationship begins. I’d say our friendship begins exactly where most should, in humor. Klee is one of the first “radical” […]

Episode 65 – What is anarchism in 2018

In this season three opener we review what the intention is for the 2018 season. This initial set of four conversations (of which this first is more of a presentation) cover four themes. Second Wave Anarchy, Indigenous anarchism, the (im)possibility of social change, and Earth centeredness. This is to set the stage for an anarchism […]