Episode 55 – Exclusion I

This is the first of three conversations about exclusion in the @ space. In the old days I used to say that the only interesting people in punk were the ones in bands, doing zines, putting on shows. The active punks. Today I think it is fair to say that many, if not most, of […]

Episode 54 – Isaac VII – The Pharmaceutical industry

This is the last of the pre-planned hour long conversations with Isaac Cronin. We intend on doing at least one more episode on questions listeners have for Isaac so ask them as a comment to this episode or email them to The Brilliant email address. In this hour we see how the situationist analysis evolves […]

Episode 53 – A Round Table discussion I

As most listeners know The Brilliant is related to a few other public projects, namely Little Black Cart (LBC) a publisher and distributor of anarchist books and material. Recently LBC has been called out and generally indicted by a host of individuals and projects for publishing texts by and about with the Mexican group ITS […]

Episode 52 – Soren Cate

This is a discussion with Soren Cate who is a local anarchist friend of mine who I interviewed a few months ago for the @news podcast and mostly we discussed an art project they had worked on that explored the crossover between heteronormative internet dating culture and suffering. They have also done a newsprint publication […]

Episode 51 – Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a phenomenon that can only exist on the Internet. They are currently of face of egoist communism and only heard of Stirner through (social media) memes and who covers their face with a hammer and sickly scarf. A practitioner of Hoodoo whose most recent picture upload features a laptop surrounded by PBR. […]

Episode 50 – Concerning ITS with Bellamy

There have been quite a few critical essays, rants, and podcasts about how horrible any curiosity about ITS by anarchists is. This chatter has increased in volume and intensity since ITS Communique 29 which threw down the glove on any illusion that ITS didn’t mean it. This communique admits to the murder of a female […]

Episode 49 – Abe Cabrera (Atassa)

This is an informal conversation between Aragorn! and Abe Cabrera the primary editor of the Atassa journal. It is not intended to be a defense of ITS or a serious attempt to engage in the criticisms towards us (Atassa, LBC, and me personally). It’s intended to sound like a conversation between people who share some […]

Episode 47 – Kalan

In this episode I have a discussion with one of my favorite stranger-friends Kalan who is an anarchist nihilist street performer. You can see him arrested here and learn about his urine project here. We talk about his creative process and generally get along. 0:30 Introduction to Kalan 2:00 Times Square Trump 6:50 Anarchist-Nihilist-Philosophy Puppet […]

Episode 46 – Isaac VI (mid seventies)

This episode is the last about the Bay Area post-situ milieu and represents the end of that era (which seemed to whimper to an end rather than explode). Another hour of discussion with Isaac Cronin. (371)