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Episode 78 – How to Disagree II: Layla AbdelRahim

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 78 - How to Disagree II: Layla AbdelRahim

Layla is a pleasure to talk to and so the fact that she is in this series of podcasts is a bit of a misnomer. Which is not to say that we agree so much as to say that our disagreements aren’t the focus of our conversation here. I’m happy to, and ended up, set Layla up to present her ideas and projects for the general anarchist space. I think they are interesting and more importantly, how she came to this place is very interesting. That is the bulk of this episode.

That said, if I were going to try to articulate how I think we should disagree with each other I’d start with information/data. Most of the “hot takes” I see on social media and whatnot start a disagreement off my misrepresenting someone else’s position. Layla is a vegan anarcho-primitivist but I am not, in fact, interested enough in either topic (especially from the perspective of trying to somehow win them) to talk about them. But Layla is interested especially in how these principles (or ideologies depending on your point of view) apply to children, raising children, and literature around children. This is very interesting to me (especially as a non-breeder) and I really appreciated the chance to think about something deep and different than I would normally absolutely fulfilling.

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