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Episode 79 – An introduction to Aragorn! I

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The Brilliant
Episode 79 - An introduction to Aragorn! I

I spent a week at the Labadie Collection this summer. I highly recommend it for any anarchist who wants to have a different, fuller relationship to anarchist texts. The librarians are great and very understanding of the anarchy people. While I was there I ran into the anarchist-known-as-Nikita who was doing a variety of great projects.

One of them, which I’ll update with website information if/when that is available is Labadie related. It is an oral history project much like Paul Avrich’s Anarchist Voices (the expanded version from Anarchist Portraits which I believe is widely available). Our good friend Audrey was in Anarchist Voices and having a written remembrance of here is still very sweet.

When Nikita invited me to participate in this new (unnamed?) project I overcame my hesitance and here is the result. I broke it into two parts for your entertainment.

Part I – The Late Eighties and Nineties. Anarchy and Punk. How do we live this thing? Traveler kid stories. Moving from the Midwest to the Bay Area

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