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Episode 86 – Comedy with Michael Cohen

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 86 - Comedy with Michael Cohen

I didn’t know how sophisticated and interesting comedy was until about five years ago. I really fell in love with this kind of comedy by listening to podcasts for hours at a time while driving. The WTF podcast in particular was really interesting to me as it was two comedians talking to each other about how they do what they do. It is ultimately as un-glamorous as one can imagine.

Of course I see, in this kind of comedy and in its lifestyle, something quite similar to anarchists. These are people doing a ridiculous thing (entertaining people/changing the world) that they need a lifelong commitment to (many fail at this stage of course) and in odd cases something pops. Whether it’s Occupy, BLM, or just that moment where one feels free there is something parallel to mind between laughter and anarchy.

As I think about future projects, I think about how to make people laugh, since making people love freedom doesn’t seem to be nearly as successful.

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  1. “There’s not a good English word for being totally dedicated to something & at the same time, completely willing to laugh at it.”
    Great discussion.

  2. cheeta18 cheeta18

    I wonder if Aragorn would reveal some of the half dozen or more comedy podcasts that he listens to?

    Not sure if my previous comment posted. Javascript / cookies accessibility issues.

    “Two beers into the night I’ve largely lost interest in people & I just want to wander around & explore the neighborhood.”

    That’s exactly what I do when I drink, & it’s quite enjoyable!

    I guess I’m putting myself in the alcohol apologist corner, LoL.

    • thebrilliant thebrilliant

      WTF, A Good One, Here’s the thing (interview but not so lol), JRE (but only the non-political ones), but really any podcast where I can hear two comedians talking is generally worth my time

  3. Chris Chris

    I really enjoy the “Kondabolu Brothers” podcast

  4. Chris Chris

    One comment about Trever Noah, he is one of the few comics and only talk show host that regularly talks about colonialism (both historically and presently) …

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