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Episode 54 – Isaac VII – The Pharmaceutical industry

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 54 - Isaac VII - The Pharmaceutical industry

This is the last of the pre-planned hour long conversations with Isaac Cronin. We intend on doing at least one more episode on questions listeners have for Isaac so ask them as a comment to this episode or email them to The Brilliant email address.

In this hour we see how the situationist analysis evolves into other aspects of life and continues to evolve itself. As Isaac aged and took on new adventures (like fatherhood) new challenges arose. In this hour we discuss how his sons health became the catalyst to entirely new direction in his thinking.

As always, we thank Isaac for doing this project with me. Linn O’mable for their sound editing (they just visited us and blew our minds while watching them work). While the work will not save us, it tends to be a lot more interesting than most of the responses to it.


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  1. mushy mushy

    Great Interview! I hope Isaac with do more future episodes aside from the next planned one.

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