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Episode Twenty – Revolution II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Twenty - Revolution II

We spend most of this episode discussing a provocative email that opens questions about strategy & revolution, the US & the world. We were going to talk about Dupont but instead we engage with great correspondence.

Tick Tock

News items

3:30 IGD kickstarts a new publication. We discuss the site as charitably as possible. (BTW it is out now and exactly what we expected)
12:30 Strike magazine and manarchism. Green Anarchy, the entitled man, grown-ups


22:40 A discussion about an “existentialist libertarian” and how quirky ideas can be…
30:50 A discussion about revolution and the moralism of the North American radical milieu which bleeds into the… topic of the week

and we ask what is the difference between the Bay Area and Athens.

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