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Episode Six – Conflict II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Six - Conflict II

This is the second of two episodes where we focus on conflict. We begin by whetting our appetite on another look at the Micheal Schmidt controversy, we discuss the fantastic new article from the current issue of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed and the context of it being published as an audiozine by Free Radical Radio, and finally we engage in the topic of Conflict, ending by some thoughts on Justice.

Apologies for the sound quality. We have mostly fixed the issue (It is entirely fixed by episode 7) In this episode the flutters only get bad in the last 5 minutes of the discussion.

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FRR audio books @ 4:20

What is the role of Anarchist media
AJODA subtitles are not good
Will it convince someone who disagrees?
Resonance audio
Identity politics as a shitty term
a long reading

More MS/AK/BS @ 19:20

The modern way of @ conflict (anon call out vs perpetrator)
The accusation of booj
Fascist method acting
US American @ see themselves as the Internet police

Conflict @ 29:45

List of recent public kerfuffles
OMG is that Law & Order theme music?
We will not be silenced by your violence
Has rationale argumentation died? (on the Internet?)
A positive story about being called out
Crime as self-help
Justice – Wild, restorative, and transformational
Unforeseen consequences


FRR Audio of “Against Identity Politics
The Politics of Denunciation
Hostis interview
Wild Justice

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  1. hurgiift hurgiift

    So umm this surprises me in regards to the Resonance Audio Distro stuff. I don’t think they only put out stuff they agree with. I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t put out the anti-IDPol piece because of other things perhaps the waves it would make cause I talk shit on IDPol stuff with the Resonance folks. Or maybe they just felt it was just a subpar piece.

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