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Episode Five – Conflict I

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Five - Conflict I

This is the first of two episodes where we focus on conflict. Conflict as a form of life, conflict as anarchist practice, conflict as my choice but not necessarily everyone’s choice. I’d like to imagine the brilliant as those who do conflict without confusing signs and chants with seige weapons and the end of this world but sometimes we have to take what we can get.

Apologies for the sound quality. We are trying to fight “microphone flutter” and I think by Episode 7 it will be defeated. In this episode there are some abrupt cuts that might make us sound more insane than we already are…

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Parenting @ 3:00
Single family dwellings
Shout out to the Midwest
Man & Vasectemies
lifestyle questions
-abrupt cut that decontextualizes a story about Audrey Goodfriend
Aging alone is a terrifying concept
Michael Schmidt part I @ 16:20
Black Flame summary
SAvLA vs Black Flame
-abrupt cut relating to a critique of post-left anarchy
Conflict @ 33:20
Anarchy == Peace?
Total Domination
Consensus & process
-abrupt cut
The dual form of process
savior motivation


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TotW on Parenting
Michael Schmidt and AK Press
Broken Teapot



One Comment

  1. hurgiift hurgiift

    So, Hitler’s National Socialism is obviously an anti-communist move, but it does have roots in ruptures caused by Bolshies and plays into some workerism etc. Mussolini like y’all said was a syndicalist also he did translate Bakunin etc. I would however like to point out Nazi had a pro wild element as Michael Wang points out, “This conflation of biological and aesthetic destiny coincided with a strain of Nazi thought that sought to apply pseudo-Darwinian theories in support of a racialized conception of the state. In this mode, the zoologist Konrad Lorenz identified parallels between the changes he observed in animals as the result of their domestication and what he saw as the deleterious genetic effects of civilization.”
    But honestly I think Fascism etc is a populist thing and can cling to anything. So I don’t see exactly how helpful pointing out what shit is closer to Fascism, Nazism etc. But eh yeah enjoying the thoughts this is provoking.

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