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Episode Ten – Indigineity II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Ten - Indigineity II

This episode concerns indigineity. It is labeled part II but, in fact, should be part I as our first episode on this issue was distracted by more (temporally) pressing items. We begin by returning to our dialogue with the Haters, discussing a critique of anti-civilization discourse, the Rojava reportbacks by Paul Z Simons (who has outed themselves in the last writeup), and then an emo rantish introduction to the topic of Indigineity by Aragorn!

Recorded on October 30th 2015

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Listener Feedback @ 3:15

More on the Haters v Brilliant
Sex life & Freedom
The podcast as circumspection tool

Anti-civ @ 8:55

The comments on @news are great wrt article
Anti-civ is anti-thinking
Who will win the ultimate anarchist idea contest?!
How to win a fight no one wants?

Rojava @ 17:20

What is the motivation of a journalist? How about an activist journalist?
What is the limitation of google vs living in a context (information greed)
Americans exoticize/fetishize international stories

Indigineity @ 27:00

An actual discussion about what A! is for
practice vs identity
spirituality meets the western gaze
Ward Churchill
references to episode 8 about leadership
Paradise Lost
Critique of Race Traitor
Action plans

btw you can hear murmurs throughout this episode by Brick. Here is Brick.



A Quick and Dirty Critique of Primitivist & Anticiv Thought
Final Rojava dispatch
Locating an Indigenous Anarchism

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  1. HeadlessSpear HeadlessSpear

    I have a little bit of an issue with all indigenous social practices being lumped together in my area the pre-Salmon drying and pre-colonial lifestyles were far more individualistic than the latter era, but idk.

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