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Episode Eleven – Revolution

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Eleven - Revolution

This episode turns out to be an argument against striving for only an hour for each episode. We cut some conversations, especially the one about revolution itself short. Perhaps this is good as things can get repetitive otherwise but we begin an examination about revolution where B ends up falling on the “working with small groups” and A! falls on “anarchist space is good” side of the conversation. We also talk about some listener feedback about the Midwest and some about how A! is some kind of a social scientist and shit. Especially the shit part.

Recorded on November 6th 2015

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Listener Feedback @ 2:30

Anarchism in the Midwest
DIY ethic
Response to critical feedback about being a social scientist

Revolution @ 25:10

Fighting on the New Terrain
lifestyle vs strugglismo
Crises in 2015 vs 2009
The contradiction of the CT manifestos
Resistance is the motor of history?
Christian Eschatology
Social media is a way to oppress yourself with how boring your life is
The bad people will get what they deserve?
Heart is with the anarchist space


Anews feedback
Fighting on the New Terrain

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  1. chad chad

    Well, I want to thank you for responding to my feedback. I appreciate the ability for my thoughts to be heard by folks around the region that I might not have had been able to talk to face to face. As follow up, I would like to address a few differentiations that only seem pertinent in thinking that I might continue correspondence with y’all, and not something that I feel need be presented as correction or clarification “on air”. First, to the tone of my provocation: Aragorn seemed to be speaking to someone perceived to be new or naive to anarchism in whatever region, I am not. I’ve been participating in person with other people for going on two decades all over the south, midwest, and a bit of the east coast. I have been centered in the same place for half that time, acquired four houses and twenty lots in the same neighborhood, and a commercial space to entrench an offensive. However, I do think that the demystification that Aragorn’s comments would turn such an audience toward, is necessary and might in-value any such cohorts within my social influence. Secondly, yes, Saint Louis is doing everything more precisely than other places in the region, but too aren’t resonating. Most of my impetus isn’t in how to form a midwest identity (scene), but rather how to materialize a density of social life in a place where vastness saturates what seems like a logical conclusion to me, ie that “we” become our only necessity (vague i know). An example would be something like Aragorn’s touching description of the land his father purchased next to those thousands of acres, in that Aragorn described it as being better situated than a lot of his other friend’s attempts. Within two hours of here is 180 acres against a national forest, maybe similar to that situation, but not much has come of it, maybe four people intermittently use it. I ask myself what recipes do we have the ingredients for, as well as who is trying to cook together even?! I am not surprised by any of this, nor disheartened, I’m just trying to live it with the benefit of conversation with y’all. The lack of scene is very welcomed by me, but I want participation. I want to do things with other people. My life in this town is destined to be a form of misery. Fifteen years of anything, and then starting to do it with people new to it, is a dynamic that will be, not only but, alienating to me. We won’t be doing it together, we will be doing it around each other. This is one of the reasons that I want to facilitate more regional cross current.

    Thanks again

    • “My life in this town is destined to be a form of misery.”

      Why don’t you go somewhere else?

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