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Episode 61 – Technology III

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 61 - Technology III

The goal of this series is to discuss our critique(s) of technology and how these critiques have changed in the past few decades. Specifically we are discussing new technologies like mobile and Internet technology. Communication has changed. How we access information has changed. How has this meant that we have changed too?

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Episode 61 – Ramon Elani (black seed editor)
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Episode 63 – Jason McQuinn (Modern Slavery editor, A:JODA creator)

Ramon Elani has entered our lives in a rush of output and energy. He is part of the new crew of Black Seed editors (starting issue 5). He has contributed content to both the Dark Mountain project and Gods and Radicals. One of the most denounced articles in Atassa 1 was written by Ramon. He is a post-academic (who is healing fast), that lives in the country, and attends to babies and whatnot. You can find the bulk of his creative output at his blog You can give him all the monies at

Our conversation ranges from academic poop (Hegel & Derrida) to Zerzan. I start saying “as far as I’m concerned” for some strange reason. What does a post-Heidegger critique of technology look like? Messiness! Rewilding is not enough (BS#5 reference). Hard rejection vs Soft rejection (Attack vs personal action). Facebook. Jung. Inward vs outward looking? Is technology fluid? We get into anthropology critique. Health (goop reference). Solutions, ha. Propoganda and anti-blackseedness. Indigeneity. How do we call out people for being sub-awesome without participating in what is horrible about call-out culture. Sacrifice. Intertwined.

Thank you so much for your attention and feeback.

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    This is aragorn at his finest.

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