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Episode 59 – Technology I

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 59 - Technology I

The goal of this series is to discuss our critique(s) of technology and how these critiques have changed in the past few decades. Specifically we are discussing new technologies like mobile and Internet technology. Communication has changed. How we access information has changed. How has this meant that we have changed too?

Episode 59 – Gerardo (haters to the left)
Episode 60 – Paul Z Simons (wandering post-left anarchist)
Episode 61 – Ramon Elani (black seed editor)
Episode 62 – Jason McQuinn (Modern Slavery editor, A:JODA creator)

This first episode is interesting because, while I do not know Gerardo personally, I talk about him all the time. He is the “millenial anarchist” whose experience of anarchism has, until very recently, begun and ended with the Internet. As a curious teenager Gerardo has consumed the web, podcasts, and whatever PDF-version of @ he could. As a result his position derives solely from this modern communication form. This makes him an interesting subject to begin a conversation about a modern, or new, critique of civilization and technology.

His podcast is at He has already reflected on our conversation on his podcast (but the link didn’t work for me).

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ps: the file size issue is fixed.



  1. Perrier Perrier

    OMG I was a drywall finisher from Texas too LoL my dad taught me when I was a kid.

  2. person person

    i’d appreciate knowing how aragorn! was introduced to gerardo — is it mostly that gerardo was interesting to talk to about this because he’s younger and so has a different perspective than aragorn!’s?
    just sayin’
    a bit of intro to contextualize would’ve been cool.

  3. person person

    and for that matter, why the rest of the guests were chosn as well…

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