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Episode 58 – Exclusion IV

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 58 - Exclusion IV

This is a discussion with Andy Robinson. One of my favorite recent AJODA authors.

Part of my interest in discussing exclusion was to begin to formulate a Grand Theory of Exclusion (I am only partially joking) to describe the why, how, and whatnot of why so many anarchists (that interest me) are excluded from most/many social situations. What organ do anarchists have (or have not) that forces them to make socially unacceptable choices. How does this relate/not relate to the desire for a total transformation of society? Can one be a revolutionary and anti-social? How about disliked?

Andy is one of the few people who seems capable of talking/building theory on the fly so this conversation was particularly special to me. I had a blast having it and look forward to seeing what my people do with this raw material in future projects that attack the smiling happy people who make the rest of us feel bad by way of exclusion.

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  1. baedanian baedanian

    really good episode, would like to see more talking in this direction

  2. mushy mushy

    This indeed was enjoyable. I would love to hear more from Andy on Stirner and Existentialism.

  3. i would also love to hear more from andy, and indeed discussion in this direction. from the conversation and andy’s writings that i’ve read, he has quite an expansive and generous meandering mode of thinking. i appreciate the biting political analysis of power with the penchant for, the focus on an outlaw-science-ethos.

  4. grubnuts grubnuts

    Can Aragorn! clarify what he was getting at with the first question about whether they were going to approach the question from a pre- or post-primitivist perspective? That went over my head a little. Yeah, sweet episode, strong stuff.

  5. Bridget Bridget

    Still my favorite.

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