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Episode 56 – Exclusion II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 56 - Exclusion II

This is a discussion with Soren and Dominique. You have met Soren before as she was the star of episode 52 and before that we had a brief conversion on a TOTW about her “art” experiment of torturing Internet creeps. Dominique was introduced to many of you in our Black Seed #3 conversation that now lives on the Anarchist Library. Both of these people are my friends and our comfort level here shows.

I’m not sure what else to say about this conversation as introduction other than it is chapter 2 in the 4 chapter sequence on Exclusion. I hope you get something out of this effort and please contact us at our email address for discussion and more.



  1. person person

    this is a great conversation. but it always makes me uncomfortable when anarchists (smart anarchists) bring up class. i know you all aren’t marxist, so what does class mean in the context that you bring it up here?

  2. Jim Jim

    I enjoyed this discussion and would love to hear them on again. The radical & queer politics/social scene is interesting to hear about.

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