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Episode 42: Isaac V – 1970-1972

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 42: Isaac V - 1970-1972

In this episode we sit and talk about their Bay Area Situationist supergroup that provided a real critique of the countercultural left. You can find this material on the Bureau of Public Secrets website. John Zerzan, Point Blank, Micheal Lucas (local Bookchinite), James Carr (George Jackson) and other local luminaries guest star.

In this conversation is a conversation about critique that should resonate today. It concerns humility, the peril of being right (in a world that is wrong), the left (same as it ever was), race, worker(ism)s, orthodoxy vs play, etc.



  1. Siddiq Khan Siddiq Khan

    What ever happened to those reel to reel tapes of Carr talking? Any possibility they may still exist?

  2. Isaac Isaac

    I believe James Carr’s widow has them. Folkways put out a vinyl 33 record of Jimmy taken from the tapes. It may be out there

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