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Episode 43 – A conversation with Joe

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 43 - A conversation with Joe

This is an informal conversation with “Joe” an Anti-State Communism about living and working in this world and having radical politics.


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  1. Bay Area Armchair Theorist Bay Area Armchair Theorist

    I might be wrong but is it not possible that when the police help the “protesters” block an event that the “protesters” might not be actual protesters? People walking away convinced that protesters hate free speech which could serve the interests of the System. It is just a thought.

    As for Milo, he appears to be a servant of the System in what he says and I think he might have been the bait of the operation. I don’t think a discussion of this possibility would be a distraction.

    Either way, fun program. I would have been interested to hear more about your guest’s experiences as someone in corporate America and the tensions that ensue. Maybe next time!

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