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Episode 44 – How do we fight?

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 44 - How do we fight?

As a person who has been involved in the post-left anarchist space I’ve had a fight or two with other anarchists. How did we do that? What was off and on the table? Was there a winner/loser? Was it the right thing to do?

This conversation is with Julio, our friend from the LA apocalypse, and covers fighting and what is there to win.

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tick tock 44

:30 A review of the Anews podcast
2:00 An introduction – Are there rules to fighting? Where is the line between conflict and fighting? How is conflict racialized? When/if physical conflict? What about threats? What about threats on the Internet?
7:00 Bob Black and his rules for intra-fighting
10:00 Physicality vs Social Exclusion
15:00 Outrage exhaustion & Left unity
19:00 An order to opposition (should capitalism be first or other peoples bad ideas?)
23:00 Can we discuss, with those we disagree with, anything at all?
27:00 Hope, god, nihilism
32:00 Maoists
36:00 Friends vs Milieu
40:00 LA diversity (its real)
44:00 Political education
47:00 Death of the workers movement (Social Justice vs Trump)
49:00 Some conversation about Joe Rogan
52:00 The sad thing about being a messenger and how to do media training


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