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Episode 40: Antifa I

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 40: Antifa I

This is not an hour of critique against antifa politics. It’s an attempt to discuss and frame the current time where one of the “teams” that is fighting for our attention happens to be the antifa team. This is more meta than not. There is a fight larger than this one. Where do we begin?

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Tick Tock

0:00 Introduction to Julio
01:00 Introduction to the Topic
2:16 Umberto Eco & a literary approach to anti-fascism
Fuck traditional values
5:14 Parallelism false and not – Politics
7:30 Is fascism on the rise?
10:30 Persuasion. Scott Adams & Joe Rogan (aka Dilbert and the bro on Trump)
19:50 Arguing value theory with nerds
Julio makes valid point that I ignore
22:00 We are having a conversation about style
23:45 A Chicano context
26:00 What does victory look like?
Kitchen table politics
28:30 talking about talking
Is it a mistake to critique antifa on the Internet?
F2F Conversations > Internet
single issue politics vs maximalist
35:00 Black Rose Federation is mentioned in a story about “enemies”
42:00 If not the party then what?
49:30 How do we have engaged conversations?


Umberto Eco definition of fascism


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