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Episode 29 – Should we just stop?

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 29 - Should we just stop?

I’m sure there are haters would just like us to stop. Their passion is greater than most of the people we are trying to reach. This episode explores those tensions. It introduces a new paper project (The Blast). We also discuss criticisms of the kind of media that we do, many of which we are friendly towards.

Tick Tock

2:00 Discussion on the news and its motivation, the unterrified discussed, propaganda
5:00 a short story about indymedia
11:00 another story about AJODA
20:00 introduction to The Blast
30:30 The crackdown in Spain ( Media criticism and the media fascination with anarchists around the year 2000.
39:00 An anarchist life in context. On anonymity as a criticism.




  1. Anon Anon

    Hey, I haven’t listened to this episode, just read the title, but if y’all are considering ending the podcast then please reconsider! I really enjoy the discussions and subjects y’all cover. Keep on trucking, or choo choo-ing!

    • I agree! Even the episodes I don’t like as much as the others have at least 2 or 3 thoughts that I wouldn’t otherwise consider1 🙂

  2. ok ok

    dont stop


  3. Frederich Stirnerius von Deleuzenstein Frederich Stirnerius von Deleuzenstein

    Like the anon poster above, I haven’t yet listened to this episode but certainly don’t think you should just stop doing what you’re doing. If anything, I would like to see either this website (or, barring that, some other website with a similar focus) really amp up its efforts to facilitate open dialogue both inside and outside the post-left/anti-civ/post-anarchist/nihilist/egoist/etc milieu. If this means more open engagement with anarcho-leftists and others who may be hostile to the ideas being presented here, then that could be useful up to a point, so long as measures are taken to ensure that it doesn’t descend into a pissing contest. For all its flaws, I miss the days of and haven’t seen such rigorous discussion of contemporary anarchist thought either before or since.

    This comments section is moderately useful insofar as it gives listeners the opportunity to respond to the content – as well as A! and Bellamy to respond in kind, either here or in subsequent episodes. However, I can’t help but feel that there’s still a certain amount of one-sidedness to it and wonder if a forum or listserve might be a good way to augment the discussions that occur via the podcast. While your point from the “About the Brilliant” section that the podcast “allows the intimacy of radio, of a voice in your ear that is yours alone” is certainly well received, I think that a venue for a more consistent, real-time exchange of ideas could help to bolster what you’ve got going on here.

    It seems as though @news is currently the “go-to” place for anarchist discussions online and, while it’s certainly a quick and easy way to get one’s ideas out there, the overall tone is often less than constructive to say the least. Not sure if you guys have either the time or the inclination to pick up a little more of that slack but, if you did, I think it could be a good thing.

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