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Episode 28 – What are we for? part II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 28 - What are we for? part II

Another episode (and probably the last) that really discusses the current anti-civ conversations (and especially the ones happening online). This episode ends with a lengthy discussion on permaculture and post-permaculture and Bellamy’s future plans.

Tick Tock

1:29 Introduction
2:37 Racism – ATR and now from a TOTW (week of 3/19)
15:00 Wildism – where we defend JJ against dumb attacks
24:10 Primitivism w/o Catastrophe (and a song clip from my ancient generation)
35:00 Bellamy action plan




  1. Muttenchop Muttenchop

    In one of his intro to permaculture books David Holmgren says that anarchism is the political corollary to permaculture.
    I forget the two authors of The Forest Gardening Handbook but one of them studied at the School for Social Ecology which was heavily influenced by Bookchin´s involvement.
    Peter Bane of Permaculture Activist even testified on behalf of an anarchist intern who is now serving time for smuggling contraband to prisoners. Called them a “hero”.

    I’m glad to hear B express an enthusiasm for permaculture while at the same time bein critical of its comodification as well as admitting that those week long classes teach you next to nothing.
    There is not only historic crisscrossing of anarchism and permaculture but as well current land projects that are just as focused on street agitation, prisoner support, and the general weaponization of all things urban and rural.
    I look forward to talking about it at length with B next time they are in the Midwest.

  2. Hey, thanks for pointing out how dumb that piece was. I appreciate it.

    Also, A is right that “wildism” as a philosophy is almost exclusively articulated by me. Those who belong to the Wild Will organization mostly all give input into what the ideas are though, specifically Jeremy Grolman, who runs Blog for Wild Nature ( and Jonah Howell, who runs The Wildernist ( Others don’t necessarily identify with the philosophy and aren’t involved in laying the groundwork for the ideas, but help out with the project. Also, eco-extremism can be considered part of the family of ideas that wildism is a part of.

    Finally, if you like “Primitivism Without Catastrophe,” I suggest nearly everything else by Abe Cabrera. He’s a good writer. E.g.,

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