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Episode 26 – Science

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 26 - Science

This episode is interesting because it fleshes out an interesting tension. We discuss science as a “monster of reified reality” as a juxtoposition of what seems to be a series of primitivist, and post-primitivist, assertions attempting to redefine & reclaim science (probably small s). This should lead to a series of conversations about the consequence of this distinction regarding technology, ethics, and practice but will probably bog down into a conversation about naming.

Tick Tock

1:50 Responding to listener feedback – Are we urban elites?
14:00 News including eric king, genetics
20:20 Our science origin story & science as a way to knowledge & the debate on science by JJ, AG, and WG
40:30 Thinkers on science – Feyerabend




  1. Dick Rider Dick Rider

    BTW…Paul Feyerabend’s name is pronounced ‘Fire-AH-bend’.

  2. I would say that the -scientific method- is the best way to understand the mechanics of the world, though it’s not necessarily the best way to understand existence. The word “scientism” used to stick in my craw, but I just see too many people quoting a scientific position or paper or concept like it was scripture, and woh be to any heretic who wavers.

    I was very intrigued to listen to this podcast and was left wanting more. I hope you revisit the topic and leave out more of the kvetching of critics in favor of productive discussion. That is my kvetch.

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