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Episode 25 – What remains of the Left?

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 25 - What remains of the Left?

This episode continues our conversation about the left, what we draw from it but mostly focuses on the French group the Situationist International (the SI). We also discuss (pre) the informal LBC tour and the future of the Brilliant podcast. We start out with a long discussion about emails we received. Lots of good gossip, if you are into that sort of thing.

Tick Tock

3:00 email feedback regarding the milieu
21:30 DJ & anarchism
23:30 TOTW anarchist action & subcultural weenies
33:00 Facebook & anarchist social media use and implementation
43:00 The SI & the left




  1. Anarkiisto Anarkiisto

    I mean, we kind of do have to be against sexism as anarchists as it’s a hierarchical position.

    • Frederich Stirnerius von Deleuzenstein Frederich Stirnerius von Deleuzenstein

      Define “be against.” Be against it how? Does being against sexism simply mean adopting a mental attitude of opposition to it or does it involve actually *doing* anything? If so, what, why, and how? And what if my idea of what constitutes “sexism” is different from yours? Whose judgement should we defer to, and based on what criteria?

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