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Episode 24 – The (Libertarian) Right pt II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 24 - The (Libertarian) Right pt II

We have a new sound engineer linnomable. Hopefull that means we’ll be quickly getting through the last episodes of Season One (24-29) and getting onto Season Two (which begins in early July 2016).

Tick Tock

3:00 Bellamy grapples with the intellectual tradition of the libertarian right. Some discussion about freedom ensues.
10:00 small business (homo economicus) is boring
13:20 NAP & ecology
20:00 The constitution vs At Daggers Drawn
OMG Kraftwerk breakdown!
22:08 KT, Facebook, The story of the 90’s to 2000’s, atomization
26:00 Discussion about social media & the double negation
35:30 TOTW What is real? The Haters and how deep does reification go?
43:15 The Left. Egalitarianism. Progressive/dialetical world view

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