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Episode 23 – The Right

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 23 - The Right

In our race to the end (episode 29) we had a bunch of topics we wanted to discuss. One of them was the libertarian right. This is that episode. This episode was recorded prior to our knowledge of ARR’s book where he accuses us of being part of the right so listen to it in that light.

Tick Tock

1:00 Listener Feedback – Black Seed & Desert, politics, Chinese megacities
17:30 Google and the impossibility of renewable energy
27:00 News items – new 325 material & sectarian crosswords puzzles
33:00 The Right



One Comment

  1. HJ HJ

    The first anarchist book I read was George Woodcock’s “Anarchism- A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements”,published in 1962. The times have changed and so has the terminology.The word Libertarian used to belong to anarchists.It has been appropriated by both the Right and the Left (Libertarian socialist). The Libertarian Right consists of renegades from the Republican Party.The Libertarian Party nominated it’s presidential and vice presidential candidates, both of whom are former Republican governors.I don’t think either one of them would be comfortable with the anarcho-capitalist tag.Besides, you cannot be both an anarchist and a capitalist.It’s an absurd terminological conflation.

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