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Episode 22 – Bioregionalism

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 22 - Bioregionalism

Humor & Bioregionalism

Tick Tock

2:30 Study on kids and the absence of the Internet
6:00 Cell phones
16:00 TedK
22:30 ITS is back!
31:30 Humor & Strugglismo
42:00 Bioregionalism




  1. Douglas Fir Douglas Fir

    The word ‘squaw’ does NOT mean vagina. That’s a misnomer and is not backed up by careful linguistic anthropology. It’s originally an Algonquin word, meaning woman. But then, you hate anthropology, so no surprise.

  2. HJ HJ

    Interesting episode. The segment about the study which sought to find out if teenagers could engage with their imaginative powers without using digital electronic devices was disturbing but not surprising.The so called Connectivity Revolution has to be challenged in every context.As far as the Zerzan-TK dispute, there was more than just a disagreement over anthropology.It is my understanding that Zerzan accused TK of lying about the data. Sorry to hear that this podcast may come to an end after 6 or 8 more episodes. I have enjoyed all of the episodes,even though I do not always agree with the opinions being expressed.

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