Episode 53 – A Round Table discussion I

As most listeners know The Brilliant is related to a few other public projects, namely Little Black Cart (LBC) a publisher and distributor of anarchist books and material. Recently LBC has been called out and generally indicted by a host of individuals and projects for publishing texts by and about with the Mexican group ITS (individual tending to the wild), in particular the eco-extremist journal Atassa. This indictment reached a fever pitch when a few motivated individuals approached the LBC table at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair to castigate them for the publishing and punctuated this by tearing a book apart. Around the same time an article was released saying that this publishing meant that LBC was not an anarchist project. Here is the LBC response.

This week something like a reportback of the kerfuffle happened. Alongside a great conversation on anarchistnews.org there have been several, fairly specific, threats made against LBC, its people, and promises made about next weeks Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. While camping (and practicing what I believe will be the shape of future anarchist events) a group of us got together to discuss recent events, strategize next weekends events (which will include the 2017 BASTARD conference), and discuss the current way in which anarchist disagreements are performed. Enjoy the conversation.

Thanks a ton to the participants and especially to Linn O’Mable who turned this episode around in a heartbeat.


11 September, 2017

5 thoughts on “Episode 53 – A Round Table discussion I

  1. To summarize all this drama (and a whole lot more)…
    Here are some ways LBC/FRR/TheBrilliant/AnewsCollective are different from almost all other anarchists:
    -against humanism
    -against moralism
    -against leftism
    -against mass societies and mass movements
    -believes revolution is both impossible and probably undesirable if it would bring about a new mass society or societies
    (These are all closely related; I could have probably just said they’re not humanist and that would have covered it.)

    And basically LBC/FRR/theBrilliant/AnewsCollective likes talking about EcoExtremism because their willingness to talk about it distinguishes them from all other political brands. EE and talking about EE easily induces moralistic, condemnatory reactions that are easy to laugh at and say “See this is why social anarchists are stupid. Look at their moralism, their humanism, their leftism and see how stupid it is.” Same with Atassa and the people behind that project. Nobody is pro-ITS, like advocating for people to become EEs, they just like talking about it because it makes a point: that humanism, moralism, leftism, etc. are stupid.

    Cool. Good for them. I agree. I’m glad they do what they do.

    Interesting that “Derrick Jensen is bad because he’s transphobic” was included in this episode.

    • Derrick Jensen is bad because he’s transphobic.

      True. hes a fucking douche about it and cried when people didnt want to be around him.

  2. I’m one of those doesn’t wanna be around fist fight types and I don’t wanna be called the shock troops of the people who are being agro about the decision to publish atassa.

    I also dont wanna be around people who go up and tear up a book at someone’s book fair table, especially if they whine about the fallout.

    but like please dont call me their shock troops. I like the critiques of ITS yall put forward and can see why you think its mildly interesting.

  3. It is not possible to discuss this subject without talking about the practice and ideas of eco-extremists and the content of Atassa. By refusing to do this you are basically taking a liberal “free speech” position. For example, everything you said could also be used to defend a right of a group to have fascist material in the form of so called “national-anarchist” propaganda at their table on an anarchist bookfair, or any other horrible shit.

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