Episode 51 – Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a phenomenon that can only exist on the Internet. They are currently of face of egoist communism and only heard of Stirner through (social media) memes and who covers their face with a hammer and sickly scarf. A practitioner of Hoodoo whose most recent picture upload features a laptop surrounded by PBR. This is a traditional interview in that I attempt to get them to talk about their ideas but am not exactly sure I know what to make of their particular combination of folk magic, enthusiasm, and opinionated political perspectives. Dr. Bones is a far better self promoter than I am so take that how you will and enjoy this near conversation.

Tick Tock

1:30 Hoodoo & Slavery
4:15 Africa, Catholicism, Protestantism
8:00 Cultural Appropriation
13:00 Colonialism and cultural continuity
18:00 Lots of race talk
22:00 There are plenty of toys for everyone
27:00 Practical magic
31:00 The Revolution
34:00 Hungarian Revolution
40:00 Anarchism
43:30 Burn the Plantation
49:00 Some ITS review
52:30 Dr Bones book and an anti-economic program via magic (with a k?)


13 July, 2017

4 thoughts on “Episode 51 – Dr. Bones

  1. I’ve studied post-structuralism extensively and whenever I hear some PC activist kid self-righteously pontificating on the evils of “cultural appropriation,” I feel like vomiting in my mouth a little. Just sayin’.

  2. Repeatedly mispronounced by Dr. Bones in this interview:


    Yeah, yeah, I’m an elitist piece of shit. It’s not that I think mistakes like these seriously damage our credibility, but correcting them may very well improve it.

    • Honkies always be tryin’ to keep a brotha down, yo. Stop oppressing people with your so-called “grammatical correctness.” If I can’t speak in Ebonics, I don’t wanna be part of your revolution. 😉

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