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Season Two Episode Three: DIY Culture I

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Season Two Episode Three: DIY Culture I

This episode of The Brilliant is the start to a continuing conversation about what comes AFTER DIY culture. We’ve all been to workshops and heard insufferable boys talking about getting off of grid, out of society, and into a self-sufficient do-it-yourself culture. Is this possible? What are the success stories? How do a bunch of young, and not-so-young, people with big ideas put them into practice?

This first episode sits down with people FROM DIY culture who have “professionalized” and talks through the consequences of that. We attempt to humanize the project of leaving DIY behind and returning to DIY culture. We talk to a midwife and an herbalist. Future discussions will involve people inside different paradigms like IT, Science, and so much more.

Tick Tock

1:30 Interview I – Kate the Midwife
27:45 Interview II – Herbalist I

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