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Episode Two – Imagination

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Two - Imagination

This week we discuss stories about the role of anarchist (or alternate) media production and the end of Wild Reaction (RS). We then discuss imagination using Hakim Bey’s Millenium and Jesus Sepulveda’s Garden of Pecularity. Join us in conversation by email


Anarchist Media @ 3:20
Big city anarchism
Love & Rage
Closed mindedness
Motivation of anarchist media projects
Roy Burton breaks in
Wild Reaction @ 17:30 (18:20)
RS = not fun
M. Parenti & the role of the communique
Italian insurrectionary anarchism
CCF & the critique of militancy
Imagination @ 29:30
conversation cut short by technical issues
Black Seed is fucking awesome
Roy Burton is funny
Anti-civ Society of the Spectacle @ 42:20


RS morte
Role of Anarchist Media
Garden of Peculiarities

the mediocrity of passivity is its own truth


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