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Episode One – Projectuality

The Brilliant
The Brilliant
Episode One - Projectuality

This is the first episode of The Brilliant podcast, an attempt to tell different kinds of stories, ones with complex moral plays, ones that aren’t so clearly stories, and ones that are of human size. Our motivation to tell these tales is a desire to see a proliferation of different stories and not just the simple morality plays of popular culture or the inverted, but otherwise identical, stories of the radical milieu.

We will be accomplishing our storytelling mostly by way of editorializing and discussing themes in an informal, conversational style. Join us in conversation by email


News Analysis @ 2:40
Projectuality (starts around
simplistic name calling about cooptation
reification & civilization
For and against everything
The dialectic
Space Travel @ 22:00
wrenching vs post-SI theory
living in a car in space
the enclosures
Projectuality @ 37:20
Too long of a wolfi reading
what does it mean to be free
Free will
projects vs organization
baby steps


The New Nihilism by Peter Lamborn Wilson
The Anvil Review issue 5
Illegalist Space Program in Four Parts
AAA – Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Against the Logic of Submission
LBC link for print version of Canenero



  1. SpookyStirner SpookyStirner

    Interesting enough.

  2. Rozzman Rozzman

    I used to think Aragorn! was pretentious…now I have a better feel for Aragorn!’s critiques and now that Black has flown the coop I think I’ll be digging in more to this stuff.

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