Episode Seven – Society

There is a tendency to be attracted to bad news. Is this regressivist? Are things getting worse? Is something called society fragmenting? In this episode we talk anthropology and animism, the bible and speculation, the academy and truth. Epistemic consistency for the win? We discuss mass shootings (con) and the social media ripple around it. Beta’s are discussed. and then society as framed by the book Enemies of Society.

We are still catching up (we recorded episode 9 last Friday). We hope to be caught up next week. This is the first episode where the sound has been fixed so… hurray!

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Listener Feedback @ 3:40

stories vs empiricism

Mass Shootings @ 15:00

beta uprising
elliot rodger
manifestos (racist, wingnut, beta, bullied)
horrorshow pornography
the decay of society is here? and it’s the angry young man (aka patriarchy)
the alphas, the betas, and the property
a theory of society
The statistical decline of violence

Society @ 37:40

Enemies of Society
mass anonymity
definition as a frame of reference or a strawman
the end of history and Thatcher
Is society the ur-oppositional statement of purpose?
Did society come first or civilization?
bolo bolo
JZ’s show vs Urban Scout


Lincoln Finch blog
God is Red
Motte and Bailey
Auditing Shooting Rampage Stats
Knabb preface
Enemies of Society

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26 October, 2015

3 thoughts on “Episode Seven – Society

  1. Hey I didn’t mean to make a “grab bag of accusations” but to inquire into your side of things. No hostility on my part; I’m too new to this area of thought to be accusing. Great reply to the consistency thing though, since you say (from the nihilist perspective I assume) no model for a future world is privileged but is met with equal skepticism. That’s what you said right? Also I’m not sure how consistency is a sign of neurosis, but I too question consistency insofar as I question Aristotle’s laws of logic.

    Hope to have more dialogue but I mean no hostility because I’m rather enjoying thinking about the difference between primitivism and nihilism.

  2. @ Lincoln Finch

    I sensed more that the demand/expectation for consistency is considered neurotic by A!. However, ‘consistency’ may have, and may be employed with here, at least two different senses.

    First, the demand/expectation: ‘Consistency’ is one of those ambiguous, spooky words which, in my opinion, one never may never live up to precisely cuz from its very roots* the sense has been inertia/inactivity, the very opposite of living. So, to demand any living form to be consistent is to insidiously insist upon their death…

    Second, and interwoven with the above, it depends on whether one’s starting point is the deeply rooted, and mostly unquestioned, modernist presumption that we live in a world surrounded by inert ‘matter,’ as ‘reality.’ If so, then consistency (inertia/inactivity) is an indelible aspect of our condition. Parmenides seemed to have believed so, as has the dominating thread of Western thought.

    Perhaps these two senses of ‘consistency,’ a demand placed socially/communicatively and a metaphysical ideal of how reality ‘is’ or ‘works,’ are simply two expressions of the neurotic world-view first formulated by Aristotle in shorthand as ‘the law of identity’ and later given popular articulation in modernity by Popeye and Mr. Ed: “I am what I am!”/ “A horse is a horse…”


  3. Are my ears correct in that they hear Aragorn! describing himself in pick-up artist terms as an alpha when around 27.40 he says

    “… put it all on the line, in a way that the alphas never do. The alphas in general, ‘real men’ in this world, don’t have a rich inner life. We don’t. And uh, so this person actually …”

    It’s the “we” that I’m referring to.

    And if so, I’m interested to hear more about this, for probably obvious reasons.

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