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Episode Eighteen – Desert II

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode Eighteen - Desert II

Recorded January 10th

Tick Tock

3:00 Resignation is death
Infrastructure is a substitute for action?
Futilitarian means I don’t like what you do, not that I think you should do less
Strugglismo and the stripping of context
12:30 Theory can be good (for struggle)
Some Bay Area shit talking – the race away from SD@ and toward community organizing
21:30 Gerald Viznor
comparison between the Haiku and the Anishnabae dream song
survivance and a comic spirit – breaking out of blood
A spiritual quest is a reconstruction by way of story
Violence, bullying, self-defense, and survivance
37:30 Desert II – Green Nihilism
Pop culture “in the dust of this planet” Jay Z meets Nihilism by way of Eugene Thacker
An obtuseness regarding the consumption of theory
Latin conjugation throwdown
a fundamentally wierd world (pro and con)
transcendent god – kings
immanent god – democracy
We should be god – anarchism


Black Banner Distro – Resignation is Death: responding to the negation of anarchy

Viznor quotes

The conditions are that, first, no story is the same. The conditions are npostmodern because of their connection to oral expression which is usually a kind of free-floating signifier or a collection of signifiers, depending on who’s present. The meaning of such stories that are orally presented depends on a number of interesting, lively, immediate, temporal, and dangerous, dangerous natural conditions […]

[…] To hunt, to tell stories, is dangerous. It’s also survivance. […] that is […] a conditional experience rather than a mere response to domination or victimization. Survivance is not just carrying this burden and surviving […] but also inventing a world view. It’s an attitude of play – play in a very serious sense. Survivance is the end of domination ion literature. It’s also a new kind of existentialism, a source of identity – not the French atheistic existentialism but tribal existentialism or spiritual existentialism […] the discovery of tself through action, through being prersent […] The advantages to survivance are that it provides a way to accept this condition, reverse what’s been imposed upon us – and play with that!

Philosophically, I think we should break out of all the routes, all the boxes, break down the sides. A comic spirit demands that we break from formula, break out of program. . . . I suppose I am preoccupied with this theme because the characters I admire in my own imagination and the characters I would like to make myself be break out of things. They break out of all restrictions. They even break out of their blood. . . . They break out of invented cultures and repression. I think it’s a spiritual quest in a way.



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