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Episode 47 – Kalan

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 47 - Kalan

In this episode I have a discussion with one of my favorite stranger-friends Kalan who is an anarchist nihilist street performer. You can see him arrested here and learn about his urine project here. We talk about his creative process and generally get along.

0:30 Introduction to Kalan
2:00 Times Square Trump
6:50 Anarchist-Nihilist-Philosophy Puppet Show
12:00 Other things against the monolithic economy
17:40 Rhizomatic subway systems
21:30 Trade offs of time and art and money
25:00 The line between shit jobs and life
31:00 Current anarchist bro-culture
36:45 NYC cops as intellectuals
41:00 Collecting pennies
45:00 The work
49:00 Stirring the pot

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