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Episode 36 (s02e07): Forgiveness

The Brilliant Podcast
The Brilliant
Episode 36 (s02e07): Forgiveness

I think the idea of talking about forgiveness is a great idea but I’m not sure how to do it. Forgiveness ultimately relies on a kind of durability of community that we (as @) just do not have. We are a scattering of seeds. We are a persuasive set of ideas. We are not a personal relationship with other people and perhaps we should be. This episode is a strange one because while it is about forgiveness, it isn’t. It is about problems, empathy, and the waiting for seeds.

Tick Tock

3:00 the anarchist franchises (food not bombs, bookfairs, antifa), the critique, and the response
11:00 Are anarchists superior at critical thinking?
15:30 What we should be talking about? Should everything @ be news/activist oriented?
19:00 Empathy and the Internet (and wealth)
26:00 The pack and urban life
36:30 forgiveness
43:20 Do we, in fact, see the world in incompatible ways? Do we lack the empathy to try?
48:00 Sacco & Vanzetti

PS We did finally get the books back. 🙂


The End of Empathy
How do we Increase Empathy?
What, Me Care?
Why is Empathy Decreasing




  1. dit dit

    the pic is great. how can you leave DUNBAR’S NUMBER OFF TEH TICKTOCK!!!


  2. dit dit

    more seriously though, this episode seems especially worthwhile (as well, of course, as really fucking depressing).

  3. Aragorn! don’t understand why you receive so much hate. I mean, perhaps I receive hatred too–but Im just not aware, or because I don’t really care. I remember running a little experiment last year. I decided that I was gonna really try to work on being “in the clique”, and to that end, I was dating a queer organizer, back home. Anyways, that ended when I became rather tired of thinking through their boring anarchism, their regurgitated standards. I went to a demo–after years–and someone I used to respect was like: Oh so you’re not a nihilist anymore? Hah! I was dating this queer, and trying to be like all the rest of you idiots organizing the masses according to some vision you think everyone would want *cough, choke*. The point is that it was super lame, a super lame result for my experiment; and I’ll generalize: it’s all super lame!–The anarchist milieu here in NA is fucking lame–everywhere. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you; I appreciate your shitty attitude, your individualism, Your “nihilism”; mostly because it makes me feel less like Im a pariah in a group of paraiah’s. Thank you for bothering so that some of us can still try to give a shit.

  4. Keith Keith

    I wasn’t aware that your vehicles had been vandalised..I can see now why you seemed tense at first when I popped up in Berkeley in August and we met for coffee. Shit. So dumb. As I told you, which you may or may not remember, I too have been targeted by some of “those people.” I made some mistakes a dozen years ago, and since then I’ve been fucked with and shunned. I actually did an experiment last spring where I reached out to various @ organizations and individuals here in Portland, and I saw to what extent my name had been proverbially “dragged through the mud.” This whole thing was spearheaded by Mark Salotte and his wife. I confided something I had foolishly done, talked to 2 fed agents for 15 minutes in ’06, knowing full well that he would tell everyone. My ex who I dumped and had an axe to grind fed into this, telling them shit about me that wasn’t true. I found out that they’d (Salotte and wife) followed me across the country and were living here. I hungout with them in good faith but his wife and I guess, he, just continued to trash me all over town and the internet. The local leftists just swallowed this bullshit and have ostracised me. I mean, I mostly don’t give a shit and have viewed it with a sort of bemused detachment…I’m not going to say that it doesn’t suck sometimes. I’ve been called a snitch, a rapist, child molester, anything negative you imagine. Armeanio came to my birthday celebration in ’15, and he was one of the individuals who dropped me like a hot potato. That speaks to your comments about @s distancing themselves from The Other or Evil One (me). I know this sounds like whining, but it helps me to put it in perspective. I’m not interested in attempting to resuscitate my image or anything stupid like that. It just reinforces why I got away from the ancom scene after my few years of involvement with nefac and other groups on the east coast.

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