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Episode 100 – Revisiting (anarchist)Nihilism

Ultimately I am not a nihilist but this might be a de jure vs de facto kind of distinction that people hate hearing people drone on about. No matter how we land on this question the little thing I wrote nearly 20 years ago on the question did force it to be an ongoing concern of mine. The question about whether there is a difference between belief in the good (ie anarchy) and christianity is more important now than ever. Additionally, who does faith in ongoing social change (in a good way) benefit? But the truth is that there have been better, more pithy, less chained critics of activists and other christians than I have been.

This episode we discuss some of these critics and having a balanced approach towards that most anarchist of problems. This is done in a modern context.


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  1. Jane Doe Dirt Jane Doe Dirt

    Some things to clear up about Green Scare…

    First of all, all vendors were emailed the reason for the name. Perhaps LBC didn’t receive that email? Our apologies if not.

    The name “Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair” was chosen in response to the fear that many leftists have today of green, nihilist, individualist anarchy. And as predicted, almost immediately after the event was announced the facebook event was flooded with leftists “concerned” about “green fascists” and “mass genocide ideology”. The name has nothing to do with the state -orchestrated “Green Scare”.

    The event was in fact public. There was a facebook page for it. Posters were put up all around Menomonie a few nights before. The call for tablers and bands was public.

    People came from all over and first met at this event. Many connections and friendships were made. Most people were strangers. Not everyone were friends.

    Quite a few people I know personally, “nihilists” or whatever you want to call them, arn’t focused on history as much as they are focused on the present. While some history and reading has been influencial, learning about anarchy in practice is more of the focus.

    This event was not tightly organized. And that was the point.

    *Some* workshops were organized based on affinity and trust, because some workshops (may or may not have) involved illegal activity.

    *Some* people just didn’t like Aragorn. But not everyone felt this way.

    *Some* people didn’t like Atassa. But others were fine with it.

    The “organizers” or this event had nothing to do with the loss of Attassa. LBC is welcome to bring them back this year. All vendors will this time have the option to store their books where they will not get stolen, burned etc.

    GSAB is not a place where LBC or Aragorn doesn’t belong.. They are welcomed to table again, and with a table and chairs rather than a couch.

    That is all for now. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at greenscareanarchistbookfair (a)riseup (dot) net

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