Episode 24 – The (Libertarian) Right pt II


We have a new sound engineer linnomable. Hopefull that means we’ll be quickly getting through the last episodes of Season One (24-29) and getting onto Season Two (which begins in early July 2016). Tick Tock 3:00 Bellamy grapples with the intellectual tradition of the libertarian right. Some discussion about freedom ensues. 10:00 small business (homo […]

Episode 23 – The Right


In our race to the end (episode 29) we had a bunch of topics we wanted to discuss. One of them was the libertarian right. This is that episode. This episode was recorded prior to our knowledge of ARR’s book where he accuses us of being part of the right so listen to it in […]

Episode 22 – Bioregionalism


Humor & Bioregionalism Tick Tock 2:30 Study on kids and the absence of the Internet 6:00 Cell phones 16:00 TedK 22:30 ITS is back! 31:30 Humor & Strugglismo 42:00 Bioregionalism (367)

Episode 21 – Why Are We so Weak?


Following up on episode 20 we turned directly to this article by Frere Dupont and the question of why is this thing (what we call anarchism) so precious, rich, and fulfilling for us not so much for others, for everyone, and what drive people away. In my opinion this is an impossibly difficult question and […]

Episode Twenty – Revolution II


We spend most of this episode discussing a provocative email that opens questions about strategy & revolution, the US & the world. We were going to talk about Dupont but instead we engage with great correspondence. Tick Tock News items 3:30 IGD kickstarts a new publication. We discuss the site as charitably as possible. (BTW […]

Episode Nineteen – Desert III


In Episode 19, recorded January 15th, we have a wide-ranging, rather bleakly-toned conversation that begins with a brief examination of how the Millennial Generation seems dramatically depleted of life (domesticated?) and what that may mean for the prospects of an anarchist future – at least they may not breed as much. A! and B then […]

Episode Eighteen – Desert II


Recorded January 10th Tick Tock 3:00 Resignation is death Infrastructure is a substitute for action? Futilitarian means I don’t like what you do, not that I think you should do less Strugglismo and the stripping of context 12:30 Theory can be good (for struggle) Some Bay Area shit talking – the race away from SD@ […]

Episode Seventeen – Entering the Desert


In this episode, we begin the first of three episodes that will discuss the essay “Desert”, an essay written as an effort toward an anarchist understanding of climate change and its consequences in terms of opportunities and hazards for anarchy and authority. Starting things off, A! and B wander off from an anarchistnews.org topic to […]

Episode Sixteen – Brought to You by Society


Recorded on December 25th 2015 Join us in conversation by email Ticktock 2:35 – Two episodes of The Brilliant are lost and gone forever into the Devouring Void 3:15 – The Brilliant, brought to you by society 4:15 – Jeriah Bowser and Ian Smith on Anarchy Radio: on being called Buh-Lamb-Eee; being a consumer of […]

Episode Fifteen – Loving Nuance


Recorded on December 18th 2015 This is one of the first episodes where B & A! seriously disagree. Probably there is just some sort of misunderstanding or perhaps race is something we are not capable of seeing eye to eye on. Entertaining listen though. Totally separately than this is a discussion about an article from […]