Episode 94 – Kill All Normies

Angela Nagle’s book was released at exactly the right time, with a perfect title, and great marketing. It is a leftist take on the Trump era, it is exactly on point about the intersection of a bunch of shitty tendencies, and speaks of them with surprising fluency. That said, this book is a lie. It […]

Episode 93 – The Fight for Turtle Island

I put together a book. It is not a book about me. It is about a dozen other people who are, in some way, the audience and content of the book. It was a real challenge putting it together as the interview subjects did not conform to the framing I eventually put on the book. […]

Episode 92 – A Discussion of Joyful Militancy

I made a promise to Nick the last time I was in Victoria BC. I said I would meaningfully engage (I might have even promised a review) of his book (co-authored with carla bergman who I don’t know) Joyful Miltancy. There are a lot of reasons to believe that I would be hostile to this […]

Episode 91 – Bellamy on Corrosive Consciousness

Getting specific is part of what Season 4 of The Brilliant podcast is about. Specifics about what a green perspective is (this conversation with BF is about the book Corrosive Consciousness). Specific about what different projects of dialogic anarchist practice looks like (namely an announcement for our new project Anarchy Bang https://anarchybang.com/ and, of course, […]

Episode 90 – What is Anarchism in 2018 with Bellamy

This is the last episode of 2018. In 2019 along with the Brilliant I’ll be working on a weekly call in show called Anarchy Bang that you should check out on Sundays at noon (PST). Bellamy and I have another conversation that I’ll release next week about Corrosive Consciousness but for now we discuss anarchism […]

Episode 89 – What is Anarchism in 2018 with Andy

As this season of the podcast comes to an end… I wanted to review what we have done in 2018 and what we hoped to have done. I presented my initial sketches of what is to be done and wanted to discuss them with some people. The next few episodes will be those conversations from […]

Episode 87 – Ria del Montana

This interview was by request of an anarchist news thread. While Ria does call herself an anarchist their primary interests appear to be animals (in the vegan sense of the word) and native plants (in the rewilding sense). This conversation ends up being a mix. I think both of us tried to respond to the […]

Episode 86 – Comedy with Michael Cohen

I didn’t know how sophisticated and interesting comedy was until about five years ago. I really fell in love with this kind of comedy by listening to podcasts for hours at a time while driving. The WTF podcast in particular was really interesting to me as it was two comedians talking to each other about […]

Season 3 of The Brilliant

Welcome to the first episode of Season three of the Brilliant podcast. Audio version – http://thebrilliant.org/podcast/episode-65-what-is-anarchism-in-2018/ The Brilliant podcast is about anarchist ideas and their implications. I’ll try to give a quick and dirty definition here but broadly anarchist ideas and theory concerns themselves with what anarchism could be, what anarchist practice is, what anarchism, […]