Episode 30 – Season Two kickoff


This is the first episode of Season Two of the Brilliant podcast (aka episode 30). In this new season we are going to split up the podcast into several different, but parallel projects. The first is a podcast conversation with Bellamy. This will be familiar in form and energy to Season One. The second is […]

Episode 29 – Should we just stop?


I’m sure there are haters would just like us to stop. Their passion is greater than most of the people we are trying to reach. This episode explores those tensions. It introduces a new paper project (The Blast). We also discuss criticisms of the kind of media that we do, many of which we are […]

Episode 28 – What are we for? part II


Another episode (and probably the last) that really discusses the current anti-civ conversations (and especially the ones happening online). This episode ends with a lengthy discussion on permaculture and post-permaculture and Bellamy’s future plans. Tick Tock 1:29 Introduction 2:37 Racism – ATR and now from a TOTW (week of 3/19) 15:00 Wildism – where we […]

Episode 27 – What are we for? part I


While most of this episode (time wise) ends up being about ITS and whether we are “for or against” it the concept of this episode, and this series of closing episodes at the end of season 1, is to think about what we are for. Better stated, in this episode Aragorn! attempts to talk about […]

Episode 26 – Science


This episode is interesting because it fleshes out an interesting tension. We discuss science as a “monster of reified reality” as a juxtoposition of what seems to be a series of primitivist, and post-primitivist, assertions attempting to redefine & reclaim science (probably small s). This should lead to a series of conversations about the consequence […]

Episode 25 – What remains of the Left?


This episode continues our conversation about the left, what we draw from it but mostly focuses on the French group the Situationist International (the SI). We also discuss (pre) the informal LBC tour and the future of the Brilliant podcast. We start out with a long discussion about emails we received. Lots of good gossip, […]

Episode 24 – The (Libertarian) Right pt II


We have a new sound engineer linnomable. Hopefull that means we’ll be quickly getting through the last episodes of Season One (24-29) and getting onto Season Two (which begins in early July 2016). Tick Tock 3:00 Bellamy grapples with the intellectual tradition of the libertarian right. Some discussion about freedom ensues. 10:00 small business (homo […]

Episode 23 – The Right


In our race to the end (episode 29) we had a bunch of topics we wanted to discuss. One of them was the libertarian right. This is that episode. This episode was recorded prior to our knowledge of ARR’s book where he accuses us of being part of the right so listen to it in […]

Episode 22 – Bioregionalism


Humor & Bioregionalism Tick Tock 2:30 Study on kids and the absence of the Internet 6:00 Cell phones 16:00 TedK 22:30 ITS is back! 31:30 Humor & Strugglismo 42:00 Bioregionalism (413)

Episode 21 – Why Are We so Weak?


Following up on episode 20 we turned directly to this article by Frere Dupont and the question of why is this thing (what we call anarchism) so precious, rich, and fulfilling for us not so much for others, for everyone, and what drive people away. In my opinion this is an impossibly difficult question and […]